MTMP is the leading mass torts conference in the country.MTMP seminar in Las Vegas taking place April 20-22, 2016


Mass Torts Made Perfect | Conferences & Seminars

Mass Torts Made Perfect | Conferences & Seminars


Mass Torts Made Perfect is a bi-annual conference held in the spring and fall of each year in Las Vegas, and once a year in Philadelphia.

The MTMP Las Vegas conferences are designed for individuals working in the area of plaintiff mass torts and personal injury litigation, as well as securities and toxic torts. The Vegas conferences are the largest plaintiff mass torts gatherings in the world, with more than 800 participants (from 250 law firms) at each event, covering every form of mass torts topic, from prescription drugs, defective products, investment fraud, consumer fraud and business litigation. It has become the key gathering point for the promotion of mass torts litigation, with virtually every major plaintiff’s law firm and lawyer in the field attending the event.

The Philadelphia Complex Litigation Judicial Forum is designed to bring together the talents and insights of sitting and retired judges, plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as members of the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, to discuss and debate current topics of interest to attorneys involved in complex litigation.

Mass Torts Made Perfect was founded in 2000 by the law firm of Levin Papantonio, and currently is led by the firm’s named partners Fred Levin, Mike Papantonio and Mark Proctor, in addition to Keith Givens with The National Trial Lawyers Association. The event was created with the idea of convening attorneys involved in the practice of mass torts litigation in an effort to share ideas and resources.

Past speakers at the conference have included President Bill Clinton, Elie Wiesel, Jack Kemp, Ted Koppel, Bob Woodward, Dan Rather, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher, Pete Rose, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Theismann, Joe Namath, Wanda Sykes, Johnnie Cochran, Jason Alexander, George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, Lewis Black, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Martin Short, Emmitt Smith, and many more.